I spent several years learning about herbal medicine while following the Medical Marijuana and CBD laws and markets as legalization progresses. I have learned that CBD in and of itself is often powerful medicine, and does not require THC to be effective. 

In fact, in my experience, CBD that contains no THC is often more effective than THC for many ailments. Of course, all results are subjective, and I can only relate what my customers themselves have reported. 


There are no longer legal or commercial roadblocks to buying and selling CBD without THC (the legal limit is .3% or less). State laws vary as to its cultivation and production, but it is generally accepted nationwide that CBD is a nutritional supplement with medicinal benefits. 

As with all herbs and non-pharmacological medicinal substances, the Western Medical Establishment does not, yet, support its use, but a growing number of chiropractors, physical therapists, nutritionists, herbalists and, most importantly, consumers, recognize its value.

CBD has medicinal value. That value depends on what you use and how you react to it. 

Just as with Western pharmacology, you have to experiment to find the right delivery method and dosage. Every body reacts differently to every drug, from caffeine to opiates. 

On the subject of opiates and pain relief, CBD alone or in combination with pharmaceutical pain relief can reduce the necessity for opiates and even replace them. It also can be used in conjunction with THC, which is legal in some states, but in and of itself has its own medicinal value. 

What CBD does depends on what you need it for and how you use it. If you suffer from anxiety, a 15 mg gummy bear before you board the airplane might help you relax. For pain you may want to use a more potent tincture. For joint pain and neck tension, CBD salve should help.

You may not even notice that it is working because there are no psychoactive effects to make you feel high or numb. Ideally you should not even notice that you feel better, because you feel better and that’s the point. 

For alcoholics and drug addicts who are trying to avoid using any drug that could be a trigger or for which you will develop another dependency, please know that CBD is not addictive (although some of us can make anything addictive).

I have been using and testing CBD for several years. My customers and I can report many benefits, from reduced pain and better sleep to relief from epilepsy and diabetes.

I encourage you to explore and the available literature and then try some to find out what CBD can do for you. Learn more about the products I have available, including the superior products by Mana Artisan Botanicals and Hawaiian Royal Hemp from the Big Island of Hawaii. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. I look forward to helping you.

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