How much should i take using a dropper?

The answer depends on your weight, your overall health, and the severity of your condition. The following information is intended to provide a general guideline for adults in otherwise good health and sound mind. This chart is based on using a dropper from a 1oz 1000 mg bottle of CBD tincture. For exact dosages using your tincture, calculate how much is in a dropper and adjust accordingly. Most droppers only pull one half of a dropper at one time, so a full dropper would be equivalent to two half droppers. 

When using tinctures, a little math helps. CBD Tinctures come in widely different potencies, from very light (150 mg or less) to very strong (2500 mg or more). How many milligrams are in the bottle is not as important as how much you use per serving. To achieve the desired potency is just a matter of using more or less. 

First, determine how many milligrams you need per serving. You could refer to this  weight-to-age ratio chart:

Then, determine how many drops of tincture you need using the chart below. This chart shows approximately how many milligrams of CBD per drop are in each potency:

  • 200mg 10ml bottle: 1mg per drop
  • 400mg 15ml bottle: 1.25mg per drop
  • 800mg 30ml bottle: 1.25mg per drop
  • 1,600mg 30ml bottle: 2.5mg per drop
  • 3,200mg 60ml bottle: 2.5mg per drop

As you can see, potency is relative to the amount of CBD and the volume of the liquid in the bottle. 

Listen to your body and adjust your serving up or down depending on how you feel.

If symptoms are not relieved after an hour, take another dose. If you take too much, rest. 

When using high potency CBD products you can more easily portion highly therapeutic doses of 100 mg and more.